About Bicester Tennis Club Singles Ladder

Players have already signed up to join our new Singles Ladder and the first matches have been played.

Once signed up and joined you can start challenging other players and be challenged.

Arrange your matches at mutually agreeable times using the on line court availability to find empty slots (n.b. you canít actually reserve them).

After each match, the winner is responsible for submitting the score on the website.

Rankings are automatically updated, and points are awarded for both players as follows:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point if you are defeated
  • 1 bonus point for every unique opponent played

You might climb in the ranks even if you don't win your match!

Please register and start sending challenge invitations to other players on our ladder.

Good luck and letís hope it works!



p.s. there is a section in the ladder that mentions 'NTRP'. An explanation is here.